Dazzle & Daisy


All the way from Las Vegas!   Part of the huge rescue known as the Las Vegas Dumpsite bunnies,  this adorable bonded pair are now ready for their forever home.    Dazzle and Daisy are like peas in a pod;  never far from each other's side,  they eat together, snooze cuddled next to each other and even share the same litterbox.

Still a little timid,  they have come a long way in trusting people since coming to Safe Haven late April 2019.    With a lot of one on one time,  Dazzle and Daisy are sure to get more used to lots of attention and interaction.

They are both excellent with using their litterbox,   they both love to eat and are now becoming great hay eaters as well.   They do prefer orchard grass over timothy which is perfectly fine.

If you would like to meet Dazzle and Daisy,  please  read through our adoption policy and fill out our application and arrange to come for a visit! They must be adopted as a pair;  they truly love each other and will not be separated.





Part of a large rescue we found ourselves in at the beginning of the pandemic,  we are especially glad we were able to get Herman out of that dreadful situation.  From the start,  we knew there was something very special about this sweet and affectionate bunny.   

Herman had a way about him that was not like the other young boys in his group.  He did not join in their silly antics and seemed shunned by the others.  Keeping mostly to himself to avoid being picked on,  Herman seemed sad and lonely.   We separated him to avoid him getting hurt which seemed to be a relief for him.   He soon was begging pets and loved the attention his foster mom was showering on him.

Turns out that this bunny was very special indeed.   Herman was found to have both male and female reproductive organs.   While hermaphrodites are rare,  he did fit that definition.   Vet records will be provided to the adopter,  but for now let's just say he was spayed and neutered and all is well.


Herman is excellent with using his litterbox.  He loves to eat and has a great appetite for lots of hay.   Herman still loves to be petted and fussed over.  He also enjoys tearing up his cardboard into tiny pieces and digging his way out of a paper bag.

Herman's birthdate is Feb. 2, 2019.  He is a compact, healthy weight of approximately 7 lbs.  Herman is mostly white with gray ears and a gray spot just above his nose!

If you would like to meet Herman (currently via zoom),  please  read through our adoption policy and fill out our application .



Paxton was rescued from a home with 40 rabbits. He came to us when he was about 1 month old, together with his mother Lily and 6 other siblings.

Paxton is a gentle, lovable boy. Just like his sister Grace he has this air of vulnerability about him that makes you just want to love and protect him. In his early days he was quite the mama’s boy, constantly snuggling with mama Lily. As he got older he became a little more adventurous and started to explore and spending more time away from mama.


He is quite the love bug and likes nothing better than to sit next to you and be petted. He is looking for a home that will be able to give him a lot of attention, and might even like a gentle girl bun to spend his time with. Paxton also has a goofy side to him and likes to race and zig-zag dance. This looks especially funny because of his adorable flopping helicopter ears. Somehow his one ear just seemed too big for him to hold upright, so it decided to flop giving him the cutest look.

We gave Paxton an approximate birth date of March 5, 2020. We expect him to weigh about 6 lbs when fully grown.

If you would like to meet Paxton (currently via zoom),  please  read through our adoption policy and fill out our application .


"Adoption Pending!"


Charlie also came to us  with his mother Lily and 6 other siblings.

Charlie is the biggest of the 7 siblings which earned him the loving nickname “Chunky Charlie”. He is quite a character: explorer, entertainer and lover all in one.


From an early age he was the most outgoing of the siblings, exploring every nook and cranny, and didn’t shy away from checking out that big, “scary” human. He loves to race around and jump, flicking his head and feet in sheer joy. He’s quite the charmer and he knows it. No matter what mischief he gets in, he knows he’ll be forgiven. Who would not fall for his adorable face and cute antics? On the other hand, Charlie is a bigtime snuggle bun. He truly loves attention. He will soak up pets for long periods of time and frequently tooth-purrs with pleasure.


We gave Charlie an approximate birth date of March 5, 2020. All the babies have been growing like weeds and will likely reach a weight of about 6 lbs when fully grown.

If you would like to meet Charlie (currently via zoom),  please  read through our adoption policy and fill out our application .






Rescued from the same hoarder situation in March 2020,  Lily was subjected to having multiple litters.  The first day we saw her, she was with seven babies that had been born just 30 days after her previous litter!

With all of that behind her now,  well rested and spayed,  Lily is a bunny that would be a great addition to even a first time bunny owner family.  She's friendly, curious and loves attention.  Lily doesn't mind being handled.  She is ok with being  picked up or being brushed.  She's not a picky eater.   After her meals she likes to play with her bowls.  She also enjoys moving and chewing on her cardboard box and tunnel.


Like all bunnies,  Lily is a bit shy at first but when she gets comfortable she loves to zoom around and do binkies.   Lily is not hyper and sometimes she just likes to lay down and be petted. Her litter habits are great.  When she's excited about food or seeking attention,  she runs in her playpen and she'll sometimes even move the pen to be sure you see her!

If you would like to meet Lily (currently via zoom),  please  read through our adoption policy and fill out our application .



Hank will be sure to make you smile with his silly personality and friendly nature.

Rescued by a fellow rescuer from an outdoor hutch situation in the freezing January weather,  Hank seems to want to please.   He quickly learned what a litterbox was for.   And,  learned all about hay - which he never saw before.

Hank loves people attention.   Visitors always remark about how cute and friendly he is.   He is really tries to get attention when anyone is around.  We gave Hank a January 30, 2018 birthday.  He is excellent with her litterbox,  and an excellent eater.   


If you would like to meet Hank,  please  read through our adoption policy and fill out our application​ and arrange to come for a visit!



Maisey has been our little girl in hiding for a little while; brought into Safe Haven’s care on Oct. 9th, 2018 because of a possible heart problem.   At just 6 months of age,  when first being examined for her spay, an abnormally slow heart rate was detected.    The owner decided against further testing due to the expense and surrendered her to Safe Haven to give her the best chance at life.

After a second consultation by our veterinarian,  it was recommended that she be seen by a veterinary cardiologist for an Echo-cardiogram and we were referred to Red Bank Veterinary Hospital.    So on October 17,  we headed out to Tinton Falls.   Maisey was nervous, but all her tests can back within "normal range".   No structural abnormalities were detected, and the CBC/chemistry (bloodwork) was mostly normal.

Based on Maisey's background,  it was recommended that we just let her mature another six months and then re-evaluate for spaying.   And,  on April 2, we took her for a re-evaluation.   While our vet still noted a slower than normal heart-rate,  overall Maisey was in excellent health and she was spayed on April 18, 2019 without complications!   Her heart-rate was normal thorough out the procedure.   More than a year past all of that now, she is happy, healthly with no signs of problems.  

Maisey is an active, fun loving girl now and ready to find her forever home!   She loves her cardboard diggy box and paper bags are especially her favorite toy.   If you would like to meet Maisey,  please  read through our adoption policy and fill out our application​ and arrange to come for a visit!



Personality plus! Born July 7, 2015, Little Miss Ashley is always looking for something fun to do!

Ashley is a spunky girl with an adventurous side!   Her strikingly beautiful black & white coat is accented with a delightfully cute black stripe near her nose!   Ashley is on the smaller side only about 4 lbs.   She is excellent with using her litterbox.    She enjoys playing in her cardboard boxes and paper bags,  but will quickly hurry over to see what you might be offering.

Ashley has been having issues with bladder sludge lately and so requires an experienced owner who is comfortable administering sq fluids.   But,  if you love a fun loving bun,  please  read through our adoption policy and fill out our application​ and arrange to come for a visit with Ashley!

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