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The Bunnies rely on your support!  Your Donations go 100% to the bunnies for vet bills, hay, greens, pellets,  pen supplies and toys!!!


While we do not have a physical shelter,  volunteers are needed for fostering and helping at events.


Need a gift for that hard to buy for someone?

We have just the thing!      Sponsor A Bunny!

Your gift will not only delight the recipient, it will brighten the day for the very special bunny that you choose!   Drop-down menus allow selection of Holiday or Non-Holiday, i.e. Birthday, In Memory of, etc.   
Choose your bunny today!!    Thank You!

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What to do if you find a Wild


Rabbits hide their nests in plain view, often putting them in the open, sometimes in the middle of the lawn, as well as in brush piles and long grass.   If you find a nest that has been disturbed, do all you can to restore and protect it.    Do NOT bring it inside. 

Need to Re-home your rabbit?


​Are you an owner needing to re-home your rabbit?   Check out our Private Adoption Listing Program.

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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Our famous "Bun-nanza" - Register TODAY!

We are busy getting everything ready!   Check out the exciting details!    And,  register TODAY! 

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