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About Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue, Inc.

Since 2003,  Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue has provided a home-like atmosphere for abandoned, abused, and neglected domestic rabbits.  Safe Haven received federal 501(c) 3 designation in February 2004, and on March 20, 2008 was classified as a public charity exempt from Federal income tax under section 501 (c) 3 of the code.

Our mission is:

  • To rescue abandoned, stray or abused rabbits, and find permanent indoor homes for them with caring owners.

  • To educate the public about the unique qualities of rabbits, and to educate rabbit owners and humane societies as to the care and maintenance of rabbits.

  • To promote and raise awareness of rabbits as indoor companion pets.

Those rabbits who are not eligible for adoption, either due to health, age or temperament, always have a place in one of our foster homes to live out their lives peacefully as sanctuary bunnies.


Safe Haven provides a sanctuary for abandoned, abused, neglected or stray domestic rabbits.   

All rabbits coming into Safe Haven receive a vet exam and are provided with all the medical care required. 

They are spayed or neutered, and then placed with a foster parent to be readied for adoption.


Since most of our rescues spent their former lives in hutches or small cages, foster families work with their bunnies to acquaint them to the "good life" of an indoor companion rabbit.  


They are litterbox trained and taught to eat their hay and veggies. 

We also understand the importance of allowing them to be rabbits!   So, providing ample, safe play room is imperative.


Safe Haven strives to encourage all adopters to follow our lead in providing their new companion the freedom pen enclosures or sectional areas of a room allow.  

Our adoption polices may seem stringent at first, but once adopters realize the immediate hold these rabbits have on their heart, they understand our thorough efforts to ensure our bunnies are going to only the best of homes. 


Post adoption support and guidance is always available as new rabbit owners learn and grow with their new companion rabbits.  


We are always happy to answer questions as they arise.

Having rabbits is a continual learning adventure!   Just when you think you have them all figured out,  they'll surprise you once again!

  • Safe Haven does not have a public shelter facility.  We do not house our rabbits in cages unless they are ill, recovering from surgery or are disabled.  

  • Safe Haven is a no-kill facility. Those rabbits who are not eligible for adoption, either due to health or temperament, live out their lives peacefully as sanctuary bunnies.

  • Safe Haven is a small organization run by just a few volunteers.   We depend on donations and our fundraising efforts to be able to continue our rescue work.

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