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Some of the rabbits we rescue come to us with known medical or behavioral issues.  Some of them can recover from their medical issues and many behavioral issues are really just expressions of fear which can be overcome with patience and understanding.   If not adoptable,  they will have a home with us as Sanctuary Bunnies for the rest of their lives.  Despite their disabilities our Sanctuary Bunnies have a good quality of life; they have other bunnies as neighbors and many human friends.  We keep them front and center with lots of attention,  and well,  maybe just a few extra toys and treats than the other rabbits.   

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Let us introduce you to these special rabbits:


Sawyer came to Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue after spending time as a Stow-A-Way.  His mother and several other rabbits were abandoned in a nearby neighborhood and I received a call requesting help catching them.


His birth along with 3 other siblings was quite the surprise to the couple who had taken in the mother when they arrived at 10 pm on July 1, 2022. 

Sawyer was diagnosed with glaucoma in the left eye at just 9 weeks old. We were able to save the eye, but unfortunately, he had already lost the vision. The right eye was diagnosed with glaucoma a few weeks later.


With treatment started early, we hope to save the vision in that eye. It is hard to tell how much vision remains, but Sawyer is one courageous bunny!  He has no trouble zipping up and down the hallways. He loves tearing up cardboard and grass mats.

Sawyer continues to receive eye drops 3 times a day which he is not exactly happy about, but are necessary to control the eye pressure.  He also requires frequent vet checks to be sure we can keep that pressure stabilized.

Sawyer would love if you would choose him to sponsor!


Wyatt was rescued from a dreadful hoarder situation along with 26 other bunnies.  Poor Wyatt was very depleted both physically and mentally of all things any rabbit should have.  Like food, water, love and attention.

Thankfully, a rescue stepped in to get all these bunnies to safe places.  Wyatt joined Safe Haven on January 31, 2023.  He was very underweight and dehydrated.  He could hardly move from being confined in a tiny cage all his life.  His age was estimated at about 8 yrs.; but he looked years older.  

Surprisingly, he was not afraid or timid at all.  He seemed genuinely happy to be in his new environment.  His appetite was enormous; he seemed to be eating constantly.  Definitely something he wasn't used too.   


We will give him time to regain strength and stamina.  And are glad to say he is well on his way! 

Merry Lee

Merry Lee was found sitting on a street corner.  A passer-by was kind enough to scoop her up and bring her inside.  It was the end of December 2019 and very cold outside.  

We do not know anything about her background or why she was dumped on a busy street, but it seemed she had a rough start in life.

Whatever happened before left its mark on her.  Merry Lee quickly became known as a fear biter. Being so tiny, it is her way of protecting herself from expected harm.  Even though she has been away from that environment for several years, she still always seems to be in on guard.

Merry Lee is very good about being groomed.  She really does seem to like be fussed over and she likes for her fancy coat to be kept tidy.  She likes to tear up her paper bags and cardboard boxes.  

She would love to have you sponsor her so she can show you how pretty she is!  

Forever in our hearts

Rest in Peace sweet Ursula


Ursula joined the Bunny Angels

Nov. 14, 2022

Rest in Peace sweet Hope.


Hope joined the Bunny Angels

February 16, 2021

Binky pain-free Sam

Sam joined the Bunny Angels

January 2, 2024

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Andy joined the Bunny Angels

February 25, 2024


Danny joined the Bunny Angels

May 20, 2024


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June 14, 2024

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