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8/14/2013 - 1/2/2024

Sam was originally taken in by Safe Haven in Sept. 2013. He had been taken out of a shelter by a fellow rescuer who knew what his fate would be had he remained there.  Sam was only a year old,  but had a very badly injured right eye. He surely had no future if left there.   

Sam did well at Safe Haven. After a full ophthalmic exam, it was determined that the injury most likely was the result of previous trauma and did not have any appreciable vision. The doctor indicated that the eye was not painful and did not recommend removal. Thankfully, his left eye was normal and his vision was good.


Sam was a happy go lucky guy and was quickly adopted in early 2014.  Sadly though, 6 yrs. later (July 2019) after having developed head-tilt,  Sam was returned to us because his parents were re-locating to California.  It was quite the adjustment for Sam.

As Sam got older, he needed the security a small space with bumper guards on the sides gave him.  He was eating well on his own; happy and relaxed even though he needed a little help getting back on his feet several times a day. He showed no signs of giving up so neither did we.

Later in 2023, Sam developed a cataract in his good eye which was very upsetting to him. His ability to balance deteriorated as well as he lost vision.  His legs were unable to keep him upright.  By the end of December it was obvious that Sam's quality of life was not fair to him.  Sam joined the Bunny Angel's on January 2, 2024.   


His strong, determined attitude will always be remembered.  He will be greatly missed.   Rest in Peace, pain-free, Sam.

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