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The “Goat Games” were established in 2020, by  Catskill Animal Sanctuary (CAS), one of the world’s leading sanctuaries for farmed animals. They will host the third annual Goat Games from August 12-15, 2022Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue, Inc. is honored to be invited to join 13 additional farmed animal sanctuaries located throughout the U.S. that will rally the support of animal lovers nationwide in support of their life-saving work.


Funds raised through donations and participation will support the life-saving mission of each participating sanctuary.  Having goats, or being a goat is not a requirement.  Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue, Inc. is the first domestic rabbits only rescue/sanctuary invited to join the games and we are thrilled!

The “Goat Games” is a virtual event that challenges human participants to run, walk, bike, hike, or complete any activity of their choosing to raise money for a participating sanctuary. Each sanctuary has selected an animal as their team captain, and “athletes” will rally behind the animal representing the sanctuary they want to support. Participants can join this nationwide, virtual event from anywhere in the U.S.


Four ways to support the Safe Haven Team:

  • Donate through the "Support by Donation" button on our page

  • Donate on any one of our Athlete’s pages. (On our page, click tab for “The Athletes”)

  • Participate as an Athlete! (On our page, click “Join as an Athlete”)

  • Purchase an adorable "Rocky Team Captain" T-Shirt now available on Bonfire


The site went live on July 13th!   Check it out today!

Main page for the Goat Games.

Safe Haven relies on your donations to be able to help as

many bunnies as we do.

We cannot do it without You!

We Thank You in advance for your support!

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