Privately Owned Rabbits**

** Rabbits listed on this page are listed as a courtesy to owners who find themselves needing to rehome.   Potential adopters must contact the owner directly!  You will find contact information within each write-up for the individual rabbit.

(1) Any rabbits found, adopted through, or listed as a 'private adoption' are the sole responsibility of the current owner and/or the adopting party.  Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue, Inc. accepts no responsibility for any liability or for any injury or damages to any person or property caused by any listed animal, as well as any cause of action, claims, suits or demands whatsoever that may arise as a result of such injury or damage.  Adopters must understand that they are adopting from the current owner not Safe Haven as we do not know these animals or their medical conditions past or present.

Owners wishing to list:    Please fill out our Private Adoption Application.



Coco is a one year old, neutered male. He is adorable!   Coco loves to run,  so he needs a wide space where he can run and binky freely.


Litterbox trained, Coco is not used to being in the cage, he is free around the house while someone is home.  During work hours he is used to being in a dog exercise pen.   Like most rabbits,  Coco loves to be caressed, but not carried around.   He comes to us and lets us pet him and give him affection.


He has a diet of vegetables 2 times a day, pellets 2 times a day and, of course,  hay available all day. Coco is very friendly and likes to explore, he has never bitten or attacked anyone, he is very peaceful and lovely. He is good around other rabbits.


Coco currently resides in Union, NJ 07083.   For more information about adopting Coco, contact owner Ana via email or 862-322-2247 .  This is a courtesy listing;   you must contact the current owner directly.