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Privately Owned Rabbits**

** Rabbits listed on this page are listed as a courtesy to owners or independent rescuers who find themselves needing to rehome.   Potential adopters must contact the owner directly!  You will find contact information within each write-up for the individual rabbit.

Any rabbits found, adopted through, or listed as a 'private adoption' are the sole responsibility of the current owner and/or the adopting party.  They are not Safe Haven foster rabbits.  We only offer this program as there are more rabbits needing re-homing than area rescues can accommodate.  Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue, Inc. accepts no responsibility for any liability or for any injury or damages to any person or property caused by any listed animal, as well as any cause of action, claims, suits or demands whatsoever that may arise as a result of such injury or damage.  Adopters must understand that they are adopting from the current owner not Safe Haven as we do not know these animals or their medical conditions past or present.

Owners wishing to list:    Please fill out our Private Adoption Application.


Muffin, DOB May 2022 is a healthy mini lop. He was neutered September 2023. He is litterbox trained. He is playful and adventurous.


Muffin is used to loud family and small kids being around. He loves to hide under the couch. (but will come out for a treat) As soon as he hears someone opening the fridge he is there on his 2 back feet waiting for a carrot. He loves to eat, especially his fruit treats. He doesn't have any health issues.

Muffin has been adopted.


Levi is an amazing bunny to have as a pet. He has his own little attitude and sassy personality. He loves fruits and veggies and any bunny treats!  He is not a fan of any wood toys. No health issues that I'm aware of.


He does not like to be held but that could potentially change with work. Semi knows his name as well.  Levi is neutered and has a January 2021 birthday. 

Levi currently resides in Orefield PA 18069. For more information about adopting him, contact MacKenzie via email or  610-972-1559.  This is a courtesy listing;  you must contact the current owner directly.


Hi everybunny!!! This is Willow - a 3 year old lionhead/holland lop mix. Her approx. birthdate is Feb. 2020.  She has been an indoor pet and it is very important for her to remain indoors for several safety reasons. She is spayed but NOT vaccinated, and would suggest getting her vaccinated asap.


Willow is free-roam and litter trained. Although she does not enjoy being picked up, she is a super sweet girl and would be the perfect addition to a family with no other large pets. She loves her treat ball and stacking cups. She is independent for the most part, but loves being pet and loved on.


I will provide spay certificate and answer any and all questions you may have. There WILL be an adoption fee to ensure Willow is placed in the hands of a loving and protecting family.

Willow currently resides in Bloomfield, NJ  07003. For more information about adopting him, contact Heather via email or 862-846-3916. This is a courtesy listing;  you must contact the current owner directly.


London is a healthy, neutered, indoor male mini rex rabbit. London is fully vaxed and up to date with vet check-ups. He is playful, loves treats, is very energetic and loves to do "binkies." He is used to living in a dedicated room next to another rabbit (but separate and unbonded). London's birthdate is September 17, 2021.


We are listing him simply because of health issues in our family we aren't able to give him the exercise and playtime he deserves. He comes with his xpen, litter box, hay box, water bottle, toys, tunnel and any excess hay and litter.

London currently resides in Haddonfield, NJ 08033. For more information about adopting him, contact Kathleen via email or 609-954-0613. This is a courtesy listing;  you must contact the current owner directly.


Keebler is a healthy, neutered male speckled mini rex rabbit. He is used to living in a dedicated room with an open 2 story cage. He is vaxed and current in his vet visits. He likes to play, loves apples and is low maintenance. Although, he may not do well bonded to other rabbits.


Keebler would like to bring his cage, water bottle, tunnel, toys, 2 litter boxes and metal exercise pen to go around the cage. Keebler's birthdate is September 17, 2021.


Keebler currently resides in Haddonfield, NJ 08033.   For more information about adopting him, contact Kathleen via email or 609-954-0613.  This is a courtesy listing;   you must contact the current owner directly.


Meet Nugget! Nugget is a smart, funny, spunky diva bun who will always keep you on your toes. Nugget is 8 years old but shows no signs of slowing down- she's a very active girl and loves to run and binky all over the house. She takes time to warm up to new people but once she does, she's fiercely loyal! Her litter-box habits are perfect and her health is in tip-top shape. Her approximate birthdate is May 13, 2015.

This fur baby is not a picky eater, she loves any and all fruits/veggies and enjoys her timothy hay plenty. Nugget is 5.5 lbs and was spayed at 6 months. She has been bonded with other buns before, but takes a while to warm up. She gets along great with dogs, cats, and kids as well. She's not a fan of being held, but once she trusts you, she will always approach you for pets!

Sadly, Nugget's elderly owner passed away and is in need of a new, loving forever home. She will need a bunny-savvy owner and completely bunny-proofed space in order to live her best life.

Nugget currently resides in Allentown, PA 18195. For more information about adopting her, contact Alexa via email or 908-472-7809 . This is a courtesy listing; you must contact the current owner directly.


Extremely well trained and healthy, spayed female Holland lop. Her name is Cleo and she’s very playful and loves to give kisses. She’s a great eater, loves greens and small amounts of fruit. She sometimes still tries to chew on wood from time to time so her habitat will need to be bunny proofed.


We love her as a member of our family but we just recently had a baby girl and can’t care for her anymore. She also got along with a Yorkie that we recently gave away for adoption. We have an indoor hutch and other supplies which can be included in her adoption fee. We want her to go to a loving home that has experience caring for bunnies.  Her birth month is June 2018.

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