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4/24/2008 - 5/20/2024

Danny was suffering from multiple bite wounds at just 6 months of age when rescued in 2008. He was in a home that kept multiple litters together.  All the siblings were fighting, and Danny was was among those injured. Luckily, all his wounds healed well.


He was adopted in 2009, but returned shortly after. Danny was introduced to Biggles in 2010 and the two quickly became a loving bonded pair. Since Biggles developed heart disease, the two remained as bonded sanctuary buns until she passed away suddenly in 2015.   

Danny turned 16 on April 24, 2024.  He was still showing a lot of spunk although he was definitely slowing down and less steady on his feet.  Almost 1 month later and too weak to carry on, we knew we had to say good-bye. On May 20th, 2024, Danny peacefully drifted off to sleep. We like to think he found his beloved Biggles waiting for him at the Rainbow Bridge and that the two of them are together again forever.


Rest in Peace, Danny.  You were a very special bunny and will be greatly missed.  

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