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6/01/2014 - 2/25/2024

This little cutie pie came to Safe Haven in 2014 with his Momma.  Andy and his Momma were dumped late at night in someone's driveway.  His Momma was caught early the next morning,  but poor Andy was so terrified he ran off into the woods.  It took a full week before he could be caught.   Can you imagine a tiny baby on his own for a week? It is a wonder he survived.


Andy was traumatized from the experience. For years,  Andy was always hiding and would panic when picked up.  The note on his vet chart says "flight risk".  But he eventually became a bunny who loved and needed to be held. 


Andy had frequent bouts of intestinal issues and required very close observation and quick action.  He developed a "mineralization" in his cecum which plagued him most of his life.  His daily routine included daily sub-q fluids and motility drugs three times a day as well a pain meds. He also needed daily massages to help keep his gut moving.

Andy joined the Bunny Angels on Feb. 25, 2024 in my arms.  He will always be a treasurer and will be greatly missed.  Binky pain-free forever more, Andy.

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