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In Memory of Bear
Joined the angels - 1/31/2019

Bear was a snuggler, a warm heart that always loved being with his bunny and human family.  Bear was the most soulful, loving, gentle, smart little boy.  He lived a full life with a wonderful mate Honey, and a later friend Brianna. 

He was a happy bun that loved his various beds, his tepee, his therapeutic pads.  He never ever did a thing to hurt anyone or anything.   Bear was in our heart every minute of every day.   And will always be.

He was....Hairy Beary Scary…

The Hairy…was the length of his mane.  Long, wispy. Soft and flowing.  Blue and grey with a white tint.  Like holding the mane of the Greek gods.

The Beary…was his personality.  Not a big bad bear at all, a teddy Bear.  Light, gentle, docile, loving, trusting, small, barely 5 pounds.  It was him, his twitching nose, his non-smile, his love for his girlfriends, his love for his banana.  A teddy bear…Beary Bear.

The Scary…was the amazing personality that came from this tiny living being.  It was so BIG. So charming, so thoughtful and caring.  So funny and full of life.  Up on the bed, down in his tepee, over between the couch and the ottoman.


Rest in Peace, Bear
You will always be in our hearts.

Love, Gail Petersen & Bill Mack
Easton, PA

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