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In Memory of Butterscotch
Joined the angels - Dec. 8, 2019 


Butterscotch, aka Bud Buds, Butterball, bunny girl, Buds bunny, was a very senior girl when she passed, but it still doesn't feel like enough time together.   She was fierce and protective of those she loved.  She told you what she wanted and when, but she was also smart and sweet. 


Butterscotch loved her mates Brandon and Gizmo and enjoyed sitting next to her giant dog buddy when it rained to protect him.    Butterscotch didn't seem afraid of anything or anyone.   She loved to eat out of the garden and take long deep naps as flat as a pancake.


Buds would lay in the planters and look over the balcony while the wind blew in her hair.  She made the best hay caves and loved timothy blocks like they were cookies -  even though they were exactly the same thing as loose timothy hay!   


Buds was the last of our 12 rescue buns.  She was beautiful with the biggest feet I've ever seen on a tiny bunny.   I miss her a ton and hope she is at peace with the rest of the gang.


Rest in Peace, Buds
You will always be in our hearts.

Love,  Stephanie, Marco, & Rocco Montalvo

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