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Goat Games Test

Help Team Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue take home the gold as an athletic competitor and raise money OR you can carry the torch as a donor. No matter which way YOU "play," the animals know you're a winner! Be sure to spread the word to your friends and family so they can get in on the fun!

Meet Team Captain Rocky!  Rocky's multiple birth defects are no match for this spunky little guy! With a prosthetic being created to help him move around without pain, Rocky is excited and we know he will lead the Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue team with courage and strength into the Goat Games! 

Since 2003, Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue has provided foster home care for abandoned, abused, and neglected domestic rabbits. All rabbits are spayed/neutered, provided the best medical care available, and receive individualized attention and love of their foster families. Those rabbits who are not eligible for adoption, either due to health, age or temperament remain with us as sanctuary bunnies. Safe Haven continues to develop our foster homes, educational programs, and outreach programs as a means of providing and promoting the best care for rabbits and to inspire action for this often misunderstood and too often abandoned species.

This is Safe Haven's first year with the Goat Games, and we are excited to join in the fun!  We hope YOU will JOIN US as we strive to raise $3,000 to help us continue our work.  


Be an athlete - You can run, walk, jog, swim! Whatever you like, wherever you like!  You can even "Sit and Knit" for a few hours!  This is fun way to get outside and have fun while helping raise money for this important cause.


Or, if you are not athletic, support an athlete on our team. Just hop on the "Support by Donating" Button on their page.  Donate any amount you wish!   


You can also use the Donate button on Safe Haven's Team page.  No matter how you choose to help, you can bet Rocky will be cheering you on!  And all the sanctuary/rescue rabbits of Safe Haven will be grateful for your support!

I plan to do two more videos.  One featuring videos of probably Ursula, Maddie, Hank and Andy.

And, another using the Bun-nanza 2019 pictures - to show how Education is important to us.


4/27 Update:   Actually,  I was  only able to get one more video done.  I could not locate the original Bun-nanza 2019 file I uploaded to youtube.  I wanted to edit that as what is currently there is too long.

Below is the third video I sent to Michelle Alverez last night:

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