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Hearts for Hope

Your contribution will go directly to help pay Hope's veterinary bills and for her on-going care.   Please help this sweet little girl who has been through so much.    

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Hope Thanks You 

     with all her Heart!

Hope's Story......


On Saturday, January 4th, 2020, we were notified by Brookdale Pet Center that they "have a rabbit that has cancer and the vet says there is nothing that can be done".  They were very concerned and were reaching out for our advice and help.  That request came in at 3:04 pm.  I happened to be on my computer and responded to the message right away; asking for more information.

While waiting for their reply, I received a call from Astrid H. (3:48 pm) telling me about this same rabbit and her condition.  After a flurry of phone calls and messages, Astrid picked the bunny up at 6 pm.   She and Jen H. who was also familiar with the rabbit's story brought her to me the next day.   


After seeing her, there was no question that this rabbit needed to see our vet as soon as possible.   The lump was huge.   I had already named her “Hope”.  

Based on information from Jen and Astrid, I learned that Hope was originally found as a stray April 2019 and placed in a shelter.  In May, after being spayed and having a cancerous mammary cyst removed, she was transferred to Brookdale Pet Center, Bloomfield, NJ to be adopted out.  She was adopted to a family in June,  but she was returned by the adopters to the pet store December 2019.   Upon return, Brookdale staff noticed the mass and their visiting mobile vet told them “it is cancer” and "nothing can be done".   The timeframe we laid out was concerning as it meant this lump could have been there for a long while.


The next morning,  first thing,   I called Community Animal Hospital to schedule an appointment with Dr. Adelsohn.   Luckily, we were given a same day appointment.   After a thorough exam and three x-ray views of her lungs to confirm they were not already compromised,  surgery was scheduled for that Thursday,  January 9th;  dependent on the results of bloodwork to check for other possible issues.   Thankfully,  all bloodwork values, excepting monocytes, were normal and we were given a go ahead for surgery.

After dropping Hope off at the hospital just after 8 am on Thursday morning,  I tried to keep myself occupied with other things,  hoping the hours would pass quickly.   It was a very anxious day.   Finally, just before 2 pm,  Dr. Adelsohn called with the good news.   Hope was doing good!   Surgery was complex and took over 2 hours.  The mass was attached in two areas.  One, where she had been spayed went into the abdominal wall, and the second attachment into the abdominal muscle added to the difficulty.   Thankfully, the mass was encapsulated, and Dr. A. felt she removed it all.  Because of the extensive surgery, Hope needed to stay the night to be syringe fed, kept warm, and receive IV pain meds and fluids.   I knew she was in good hands.

I had a pickup appointment the next day at 12:10 pm.  I could not wait to see her!    As a warning to anyone who might be squeamish,  the photos in this slideshow include the removed mass and Hope’s surgical closure.   A little blood, so if that will bother you,  do not click the arrows.          


January 21, 2020 - Twelve days since surgery,   Hope went for her post surgery check up which she passed with flying colors!    Dr. A.  was very pleased at how well the site was healing.    Hope had been very good about not biting at the wound and it was nice and smooth and flat.   Hope has been able to get a little more exercise everyday and she is beginning to expand her stamina.

Her prognosis is "guarded" with a noted potential for recurrence.    Another example of what happens to female rabbits who are not spayed.......    

Updates will be posted on this page.   Check on Hope often to see how she is doing!   
Please open your Heart For Hope!