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In Memory of Honey
Joined the angels - 4/3/2015

Honey, Our first house rabbit.  Honey (aka Honey Bunny, Speedy) was a beautiful mini-Rex with the color of warm, rich honey.  She was bubbly, fun and loved her bonded mate Bear more than anyone could imagine.  She slept across him, sat next to him, licked his ears until he couldn't take it anymore. 


Honey sped through the house and loved to jump and binky.  She told her humans what to do with a nip or a shove.  We loved finding out what she wanted because she was so much smarter than us. 


Honey gave us the rabbit fever, the spirit, the determination to continue our love for house rabbits. We miss her everyday.   She was our inspiration and the love of Bear's life.  May she jump and run over the Rainbow Bridge with Bear.


Rest in Peace, Honey
You will always be in our hearts.

Love, Gail Petersen & Bill Mack
Easton, PA

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