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In Memory of Maisey
Joined the angels - 1/21/2022


Maisey had been brought into Safe Haven’s care on Oct. 9th, 2018 because of a possible heart problem.  At just 6 months of age,  when first being examined for her spay, an abnormally slow heart rate was detected. The owner decided against further testing due to the expense and surrendered her to Safe Haven to give her the best chance at life.

After a second consultation by our veterinarian, it was recommended that she be seen by a veterinary cardiologist for an Echo-cardiogram.  All her tests can back within "normal range".   No structural abnormalities were detected, and the CBC/chemistry (bloodwork) was mostly normal.

She made it through her spay without issues and was placed up for adoption, but that day never came for Maisey. She seemed happy and healthy; always playing, digging or tearing up her paper bags.  And always looking for a treat.


Although still on the shy side, she did come around, and was more and more comfortable.  Strangely, in what were to become her last few weeks, she was actually seeking out pets and loved having her ears scratched.  Perhaps she knew.  

Maisey left us quickly and unexpectedly, but not without leaving a mark on our hearts.  We loved our big, eight and a half pounds, beautiful girl.  She will be greatly missed.  Rest In Peace, sweet girl.


Binky On, Maisey
You will always be in our hearts.

Love, Karen A.

And all the Safe Haven Volunteers

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