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In Memory of Mallory
Joined the angels - 10/7/2021


Mallory was a beautiful mini-lop that was obviously trained as a show rabbit taught to jump. I found this out when she kept jumping out of the 4-ft pen!


She had sustained a serious eye injury needing medical care, but, instead of getting her to a vet, she was dumped at a local camp because she was no longer "perfect." My friend trapped her and called me to come for her.


I fully intended to put her up for adoption as I already had two bunnies. Well, she immediately captured my heart and never left my care. When she left me on 7 October 2021, she took a piece of my heart.


Dearest Mallory, you made me laugh, you made me cry; you made me happy, you made me sad. You were a gift that I treasured for 8 1/2 year wonderful years


Rest in Peace, Mallory
You will always be in my heart.

Love, Diane Romano
Lebanon, NJ

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