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A Rewarding Experience

It had been a few years since I had had a rabbit in my home, and I was ready to hear the thumps of disapproval, and the constant hay munching again. I was ready for a new little attitude and a new little friend to win over with patience and lots of parsley.

To begin my search, I started following different local shelter and rescue pages on social media. I was unsure of what kind of rabbit I wanted, but then I saw a bonded pair of rabbits, Bugs and Lola, at a local

shelter. Bugs was a 3-year-old neutered male, and Lola was a younger female who hadn’t been spayed. I wasn’t ready quite ready for a permanent bonded pair myself, but I thought this could be a good learning experience for me, and I knew that these rabbits would have a difficult time getting adopted out together.

I then reached out to a local rescue and suggested that I could foster this pair until they were able to find the right home. They agreed that it would also be a good way to get both rabbits fixed, litter trained, and properly socialized with people.

I had decided to bring them home the day after Thanksgiving, and about after one hour, I had my first surprise. The pair that I thought was bonded – began to chase and nip at each other. I was able to get a new enclosure through the rescue I was working with and kept them separated to prevent any further rough housing.

Then, at Lola’s vet appointment, came surprise number two. Lola was actually an intact young male. Which may have explained the rabbit’s rough housing!  But we were able to get a neuter appointment set up for him and he healed very nicely after his procedure.

Bugs gave me the last surprise…he had unfortunately picked up ringworm from the shelter he had been in, or the prior home. So now that meant having to give my new rabbit medicine, while he adjusted to being in a new home.

After the rabbits began to settle in, separately, their personalities began to come out.

Lola, now Kermit, was definitely more outgoing. He would come right up to me, jump all around to show his excitement for mealtimes, and was ready to explore my home. He also loved some good head scratches. Once Kermit was healed from his neuter, I started posting him on my social media and was able to find him an excellent home through the rescue I am fostering with.

Bugs is more reserved, but he is thriving more now that he has a place to himself. He is definitely a great explorer and loves his free-roam time. He also doesn’t enjoy being pet but will sit for a long time and be brushed. And this cutie is still available for adoption!

Fostering has been very rewarding for me, and an excellent learning experience. I’ve been able to help these rabbits on their paths to find their forever homes, and I also get to grow as a rabbit owner myself. It helps to be reminded that each little rabbit has their own personality and needs – we just have to help them flourish!

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