Guidelines For Bringing Your Bunny

Safety first!
We want this to be a great experience for both

you and your rabbits.   

**All rabbits must be in good health! 
Certain illness can be spread from rabbit-to-rabbit, and we want to prevent the transmission of disease and injury to all our visitors.   If your rabbit has a runny nose or sneezing symptoms, leave him at home.  If a Safe Haven volunteer,  suspects your rabbit may be ill,  you will be asked to leave.

**Bring your rabbit in a carrier or stroller.   

Please use approved carriers.   Purses, knapsacks, duffel bags, picnic baskets, harnesses etc. are not designed for your rabbit's safety, health and comfort.  Rabbits are not allowed to be loose in the venue or to be left alone at any time. 

**Do not allow your rabbit to approach another rabbit at any time. 

This could result in injury to your rabbit or the other rabbit caused by fighting, biting, kicking, scratching, etc.  Interaction between rabbits that are not previously bonded and belonging to the same guardian is strictly prohibited.  All play areas - maze, lounge and obstacle course are ONE rabbit or Bonded rabbits at a time.

**Please clean up after your rabbit. 
We understand that "accidents happen" but it is very important that all messes be cleaned up immediately to avoid the spread of disease, ensure good sanitation, and prevent injury to our event guests.  Alert a Safe Haven volunteer if assistance or cleaning supplies are needed,  we will gladly assist you. 

**Please keep a close eye on your bunny's behavior. 
Loud noises, crowds, unfamiliar smells, etc. can cause stress in rabbits.  No one knows your bunny as well as you do, so please use your very best judgment to decide when your bunny has "had enough" for the day and take him/her home. 
**Keep your bunny well hydrated and fed at all times. 
Our Lagamorph Lounge area provides space for your bunny to take a break, have some hay, water, and food and stretch out a bit.  There is no fee for this service,  BUT you must remain with your rabbit while he is using the area.   Should you need to use the rest room and no one is with you,  alert one of our volunteers and we will watch him while you use the rest room.  Chairs nearby will be provided for your comfort and convenience. 

**You accept all risks and liabilities when your rabbit uses any of our service areas (such as the Bunny Spa, Lagamorph Lounge, Maze, Binky Bunny Run, etc).

SHRR does not accept any responsibilities or liability for injuries incurred.  Our volunteers will treat your rabbit with the utmost care and respect, and we are prepared for emergencies; however, we cannot predict your bunny's behavior and responses to various situations that may occur.  Please let our volunteers know if your rabbit does not like being handled, is uncomfortable with strangers, or has other behavioral tendencies that could lead to injury.  We will work with you and your rabbit so you both may enjoy the event activities, but our concern will remain the safety and health of everyone involved.