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A Furry Fairy Tale

Once upon a time there was a beautiful maiden mini-Rex rabbit who arrived at Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue. She was the color of spun gold with giant brown eyes that held a mystery inside.

The maiden, named Honey by her fairy godmother, had three little kits -- a handsome prince and two sweet little princesses -- with her who were welcomed at the rescue too.

Wait a minute!

The prince, named Banner was anything but handsome. He was bald and scrawny. Actually all the kits were when rescued three days before Christmas 2010. They were extremely malnourished.

Honey and the three B’s were hungry and needed time to gain strength. They stayed at the rescue and got plenty of greens, healthy food and help learning to be litter box trained.

Soon, each of the B’s started to grow. It took time because Honey had been so malnourished when she arrived. She had to build her stamina to feed three little ones for eight or more weeks. She was a good mother, and the kits began to look more and more like her every day. Banner looked much more handsome with the bald patches filled in. The princesses, Bliss and Brianna, were anything but sweet. They were spunky nippers that chewed everything in sight.

Finding Their Own Castles

Seven months after her arrival at Safe Haven, Honey was adopted. She kissed the prince and princesses goodbye, wishing them good luck and told them all to behave like the best bunny they could be. Off she went to a castle in the woods with lots of rooms to run through and plenty of sunlight to bath in.

Prince Banner was adopted next. He had filled out nicely and his multi-color fur made him a very handsome boy. He loved his new family and kissed his mother every day. She gave him soft beds, new friends and plenty of treats to keep his heart happy and healthy.

Princess Bliss was adopted in the summer of 2014. She was a spirited little bun that chewed through litter boxes and anything in her way. She was fun-loving and her new home was comfortable and warm.

Princess Brianna, aka Bri, was adopted June 2015. Sadly, her mother Honey had passed away from kidney disease. Common among rabbits. The family that adopted Honey wanted to give her daughter the same life.Off she went to the castle in the woods. But this time, there was stranger there. A young Lionhead rabbit who had bonded with Honey. Bri was used to being a single bunny and so although she did not bond completely with Bear, the Lionhead, they became great friends and slept side by side for many years.

The Royal Life: A Happy Ending

Honey and the three B’s brought much love to the people who became their human servants. They were vibrant and funny buns. They were spoiled and lived a very royal life. Honey lived to be six years old and was best known for running at top speed through rooms and pushing her humans out of the way as she came through. She was fun and stunningly beautiful.

Banner lived to be nearly 12 years old. He had spondylosis and slowed down in his old age. But he had friends to keep him company, his own lounge chair and pillows to support his back wherever he was. He was kind and sweet. Bliss was 4 when she passed away from stasis. She was a tough little bunny that liked to chew. No stopping her. Her coloring was similar to her brother and sister and she was a beauty inside and out.

The last one to leave the monarchy was Bri. At 12 years and 5 months old, estimated at 84-87 in human years, she passed quietly knowing she was loved and will be seeing her mother and siblings across the rainbow bridge.

The Blessing of Adoption

Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue is grateful to all the people who have adopted our rabbits and given them a good home. Each day rabbits are left abandoned in open public places like parking lots or surrendered to an animal shelter or rescue. None of them asked to be left alone.

We encourage pet people to recognize the responsibility that comes with animal care.

  • To neuter or spay your animal.

  • To provide veterinarian care.

  • To understand their nutritional needs.

  • To keep them warm/cool and safe.

  • To research their care or ask your local rescue or veterinarian.

May the Rabbit Kingdom live happily ever after through the donations to and adoptions from Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue.

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