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Breezy’s Story and Big Birthday

Every day is wonderful with Breezy. We celebrated her life even more on her eleventh birthday on Thanksgiving Day, November 25,

2021. Most house rabbits live from 6-13 years. Brianna, (aka Bri, Breezy) is now about 80 in human years. She still jumps and runs and eats well. We are so very lucky and thrilled to see her move around despite arthritis in her spine.

Brianna was rescued on 12/22/2010 by Safe Haven, along with her mother, Honey and two other siblings. The siblings were just 4 weeks of age and quickly named Banner, Bliss and Brianna. Honey and the three B’s they were called. They were all lovely. We adopted Honey on June 4, 2011.

Honey was ready to be free of the responsibility of being a mom and when we adopted her she was a wild child…

running everywhere, jumping on everything, healthy, happy, free and safe. She was bonded with Bear and it was spayed and neutered true love.

Banner, the only boy, was adopted one year after birth and Bliss and Brianna waited nearly 5 years for adoption. We adopted Bri upon the unfortunate early passing of her mom, Honey. Bri lived with but never bonded with Bear -- but they were still BFFs.

Breezy turned out to be just like her Mom. It took her a while because she was very shy at first. But after a few years of patience and encouragement on our part, she became the “zoom bunny” of the house. She doesn’t like to be held or picked up or brushed. She is not a bunny for kids or people who want to snuggle with their rabbits. But she has a personality that stands strong, lady-like and charming amongst all others.

She is an avid investigator and base-board chewer. In the early day she devoured rugs and blankets. She ran up stairs then down and up and down in 30 seconds flat. She pushed her way behind furniture and backed out when she knew she was in trouble at the sound of her name…”Brrrreeeezzzzyyyyy!” She throws bowls and toys in her water bowl as a fun trick and sits on top of her house to get attention.

After six years with Bri, we have observed her so much that we know when she is happy, sad, feeling sick, mad or frustrated. That is part of being a rabbit partner. Taking the time to watch and learn. For her, she has learned to trust us and knows what to expect in her life. That is such a blessing for a rabbit because as prey animals, life is unsure every minute of every day. If given the right environment, they can be calm, happy and show their personality.

Every morning, Bri comes to me on the floor and licks my face, my eyes, my hair and puts her paws on my shoulders or arms. I don’t need to entice her. I stay still and kiss her back on the top of her head. For an animal afraid of everything, she and I have come a long way.

A Birthday Bash

On Bri’s eleventh birthday, she reluctantly posed for some pictures, which she hates to do but she’ll sit a minute or two…and licks my hand to tell me she is ok. Bri is a family member, at times, my best buddy. I talk to her when I’m home and she comes to give me her love with a touch and a lick.

If you have a senior rabbit, make sure they have regular vet appointments. Be careful picking them up due to arthritis and the other maladies that we humans have. Adjust their food to ensure comfortable and efficient digestion. Think about acupuncture, massage and other ways of comforting them in their old age. Products like self-warming blankets and low entry litter boxes are essential. Keep them warm and make sure they are drinking water.

Just like my grandmother, Bri needs special attention. We are

committed to her because of all the love and trust she has shown us.

Happy Birthday Bri! I hope I am writing this again one year from now.

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