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What Does it Mean to be Cruelty-Free? Ask a Rabbit.

If you haven’t seen this video by the Humane Society called Save Ralph. Please watch the whole thing. It might help you understand what rabbits, and people who love them, fear and fight against.

Lots of test rabbits are red-eye whites. Many that are used in labs are used for research on cosmetics, chemicals and additives. If the rabbit gets burned eyes or skin, they don’t use it on humans.

Many are used for cosmetic testing. Rabbit eyes are similar to humans. They live in cages that we can barely turn around, with grates on the floor that hurt their feet. They are fed only to keep them alive.

What can we do?

We don’t want to make any animal suffer. Not rabbits or monkeys or dogs or cats or birds. No one. What can we do?

Humans need to figure that out. Some people have started organizations to stop the pain rabbits suffer from testing. Many want to stop the testing altogether.

I’ve held a bunny when they are hurt, and even dying. They are kind, emotional, smart, feeling, loving animals. They should not be in pain induced by humans for our benefit. They should be given the peaceful way to the rainbow bridge that we all have.

In my opinion, there is no reason to be breeding rabbits. Humans don’t need their fur, we don’t need their meat, we don’t need them for research. Many companies have pledged to be free of animal testing because there are other ways to test safety.

Breeding is brutal, crowded pens, wire floors to walk on, no climate control, poor food that only keeps them alive…they are feeder organizations for rabbits tested for human products.

Do you want to wear makeup that made a rabbit blind?

Rabbits are the number one test animals for the human cosmetic industry. Hair, face and so many other products. There are many cruelty-free products available, and we wish you would consider purchasing them. Here is a list that can start you on your cruelty-free journey.

If you are in the store and don’t have time to look something up, look for the bunny ears symbol on your products to be sure they are cruelty free.

Check the web for cruelty-free products in everything you do. Dish and clothes detergent and any household cleaners. Please. If you can choose just one cruelty-free product, you are saving the eyes, ears, skin or lives of rabbits that don’t need to be sacrificed for your needs.

Think about it. Save Ralph.

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