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Healthy Play with Fun Toys

There are toys for tots, kids, teenagers and adults. What about bunnies?

Rabbits like toys as much as dogs and cats. They are intrigued by searching, finding, constructing, destructing and rolling things. If there is a treat involved in the play it is even more fun.

Playing with toys is a great way to socialize your bun and let them get to know you. The experience gives them confidence and an interest that encourages them out of their pen. Keeping their minds active keeps them happy. No one likes to be bored.

So how do you know what your bun would like to play with…besides you?

The First in the Box - You

The toy box starts with you. If you are on the floor, you can let them jump over you, your legs and sniff your feet and munch on your hair. Yes. Your hair. My kids have crazy fun with my husband’s beard. Lena rubs her face against it, like a massage. Rocky chews it like hay (with the occasional nip too close to the skin) and Gigi licks his beard like an ice cream. It makes us laugh out loud when they snuggle into his fuzzy face. What could be more fun and loving?


You wouldn’t think that this is a toy. But buns love it. Ripping it up into tiny pieces; eating it…yes,

digesting it. As long as there are no labels, tape, glue or ink, it’s ok for them to digest. They like to toss around shoe box lids and run through cardboard tunnels. Many companies make cardboard houses for rabbits that can be fun for everyone. You can also buy sheets of corrugated cardboard that can be a forest of fun for your bun.

Snuffle Balls

Gigi is about to be the Guinness Book of World Records Bunny Snuffler! Not really. But she can get all the treats out of the ball in less than a minute. We don’t put whole treats in, just small pieces so she doesn’t get too many treats in the day. She loves the ball. Pushing it, following it, finding the treat, eating it then moving to the next spot that she thinks has a treat. When she has found them all, she snugs up and waits – what’s next?

Shredded Paper

You can rip paper or put it through a shredder and into a box or on the floor and watch them dig, throw and explore the paper. It is the equivalent of an indoor sand box. Some rabbits love to dig. Others will just lie in it. That is ok too. It is a place to be comfy and relax.

Stacking Cups

For $4.99 you can get colored baby stacking cups. If you put a piece of a treat in or under the cup and spread them out, your bun has a fun treasure hunt. You can also stack the cups and let them knock them down and push them around until they get them where they want them. Which could be across the room!


Solid plastic balls with rattles are loved by Bri. She has had her ball rattle since she was a baby. She still pushes it around her house and into the playroom. Often, she uses it to tell me she wants something. Like my attention. She pushes it into the living room to show me what she wants to play with. We push it back and forth and she binkies when she runs after it.

Plastic Baby Keys

Our boy Bear loved his baby keys. He clinked them by picking them up and shaking them around. Then he’d throw them in his water bowl. I’d take them out and he’d do it again. He thought it was so fun to make me throw them back. He chewed them (they must be hard plastic) and kicked them around. It was fun for him and a joy for us to watch.

What Else and What Not?

Willow baskets, willow balls, safe wood shapes, clean brown paper, cardboard castles and wood houses. Be sure the willow toys are from a safe source; especially made for rabbits.

It is best to stay away from soft plastics, colored paper or cardboard and anything that they can chew and digest that might clog their digestive system. Avoid anything that can break into pieces. They can’t chew them completely and might swallow them whole. If you don’t know if it is a good toy, check out the House Rabbit Society website for proper toy options .

Whatever you choose, your rabbit will love you for providing fun and allowing them to frolic with their toys. A new box is a new gift. All different to them.

Get in there and have some bunny fun!

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