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The Hay Dilemma

There has been a supply deficit of hay lately. In some situations, it is hard to find the brand and quantity you want – let alone the delivery time. I’ve been looking for Rabbit Hole and Oxbow in the 50-pound box. Totally unavailable. I assume it is the trucking problems from the west coast. But I don’t know, it could be anything.

Either way, it creates a problem for my buns. Rabbits need an unlimited amount of hay every day. Bri and Lena are used to long strand, first cut hay. Green, hard and crispy. It is good for their teeth and for their digestion. All hay is good for their teeth and digestion; it is more a matter of what your rabbits will eat than what it looks like. I know some buns that like the little crushed up pieces of second cut or the soft grass and meadow hay. Rocky and Gigi eat both and enjoy tossing it around and eating it off the floor instead of from the box.

Hay has protein, calcium, fiber and many other vitamins and minerals. Checking the ingredients will help you give your rabbit the right hay. Some rabbits require less calcium or more fiber, something to think about when you purchase their hay.

Hay, Hay and More Hay

As long as they eat hay for most of their diet, it is a good thing. Hay helps keeps their intestines moving, their teeth honed and their nutrition in the right range. Many rabbits live on hay alone. No pellets or treats or salad. They do just fine. Many vets will recommend a hay-only diet if your bun has a digestive problem. Otherwise, be sure to give them green lettuce (never iceberg) and the occasional treat of a piece of recommended fruit like banana or blueberry – no more than a teaspoon. Good choices for veggies can be found here.

Don’t wait until you are out of hay to order or go out to get more. It could take time and you may not get what your buns want. Breezy sleeps on her hay too. So there are many good purposes for great hay!

What does your funny bunny do with his/her hay?

Use the Comment section to let us know!

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