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Top 5 Funniest Rabbit Behaviors

Rabbits have unique personalities just like people. From my perspective, they have a wonderful sense of humor and strong ability to convey their opinions and desires. Here are my Top Five funniest moments that my rabbits exhibit in my house. Maybe some are similar to yours.

NUMBER FIVE: Their internal clock is always ahead of real time.

When it comes time for meals, treats, hay dispensing and even their humans getting up in the morning, they are way ahead of us. Their chronometer runs a little fast, which makes them impatient for the task at hand to be executed. This causes funny behavior like posting themselves at the kitchen door, staring at their human for long periods of time or following their human around the house until they are entangled in your footsteps and you give up and deliver the goods.

NUMBER FOUR: Touch me don’t touch me mood.

Often a rabbit will come to you for a pat on the head or a little rub on the thigh. Bunny parents think we are establishing a closeness. Then the next time they get close, they zip away before you can even move a hand and hide under a deep dark piece of furniture. This leaves the human companion confused. The rabbit is surely laughing because they have control over this big predator.

NUMBER THREE: This is my house, not yours.

Rabbits are committed to a design style in their own personal space. It may seem messy or disorganized to me, but it is how they like it. Every time I clean their house – in their minds I’m messing it up – they go back in and immediately rearrange things. Blankets, beds, houses, hay, bowls….whatever is not the way THEY want it. Cleanliness and order are personal perceptions. My bunnies have their own.

NUMBER TWO: This land is my land, not your land.

From California to the New York Islands. Once rabbits have determined their space, they will do silly things like sleep under furniture to preserve their place. They will claim a cushion by pooping on it. Or follow you into the bathroom if they think they can get a piece of that real estate too. They are serious. Your house is their house.

THE NUMBER ONE FUNNIEST BEHAVIOR: The sniff and binky routine.

Most recently we’ve discovered a wonderfully funny phenomenon. Our rabbit visits our feet while we are sitting on the couch or chair. She takes a sniff of the human feet, slowly, carefully. Then she boops the feet, runs and binkies away at top speed back to her house. It sends us into hysterics every time. What is it? We may never know. But our lagomorph seems to find this hilarious and comes back for more every night.

If you have more funny behaviors to add to the list, share them with us by sending an email to

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Astrid Hesse
Astrid Hesse
Aug 05, 2023

Harmony thinks it's hilarious to come up to you, look all cute, seemingly looking to be pet..just to dash off when you're about to pet her. It's especially hilarious when my boyfriend who isn't used to being on the floor slowly while moaning and groaning lowers himself to her level and just when he's finally made it she dashes off flicking her hindlegs and tail at him. Clearly she thinks this is a fun game.


Aug 01, 2023

Miss Puff let’s me know when SHE thinks I should get up. Secret: I’m always already awake, just like her coming to wake me!

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