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What’s It Like to Be Bunny Sponsor

You have no extra time. You have to go to work, clean the house, food shop, take care of the kids and oh maybe take care of yourself too. I get it.

Can you Foster a Rabbit?

Being a foster parent requires time and work. It might not last long because the rabbit may be adopted soon.

Safe Haven Rabbit Rescue (SHRR) will provide the gear and equipment you’ll need. You still have to be the parent. Feeding, cleaning, exercising and most important, loving the little one in your care. SHRR will pay for food, the vet, the toys and bowls and so on. They are just a call away for care needs and advice. But you must find the time to give the rabbit social time and exercise time. To change the water twice a day, wash their bowls, change litter boxes, wash bedding and clean housing. Just as you would for your own pet.

Sponsorship is Easy

Being a sponsor is a different experience. Sponsors send a donation that helps pay for the vet care, prescriptions, special food and whatever is needed for that particular bunny. Sanctuary rabbits can be sponsored through a special relationship with the rescue.

A sponsorship donation can begin a wonderful relationship with a bunny who needs unique care. First, select the bunny you wish to sponsor, then choose to sponsor one-time or choose a monthly commitment. One-time sponsors of $30 or more will receive a thank-you note from their bunny. Monthly sponsors of $30 or more receive a thank-you note, plus you will be kept informed of your bunny's progress every quarter which may include pictures and an update about the rabbit you sponsor. Also, please feel free to use "Other" to put in an amount you are comfortable with. All donations are greatly appreciated!

Give a Happy Life

Sponsor Andy! What a sweetheart he is. Beautiful grey, barely two plus pounds, and a sneaky little character that loves to outsmart his humans. Andy battles intestinal digestive issues - continually. He is bright and loving. but his medical issues are overwhelming.

What about Rocky? What a wonderful spirit he has. His back legs are paralyzed and he is blind but he finds his way around his foster house best he can. He is the best snuggler and a super hay eater. He eats more hay than three bunnies combined…and he is only 2.6 pounds!

Ashley needs your help. She has bladder sludge and needs multiple meds daily and sub-q fluids every other day. Vet visits every other month. Not nice for you or me, or her. She still loves her neighbor, Danny. They hang next to each other and send good vibes to each other. Ashley's medical needs will be lifelong. No way will we let her down because of a medical problem.



Take a Look at Your Next Sponsored Bunny

If you haven’t been to the website lately, please take a look at the sponsorship opportunities. The Buns that need you. Need help. Thanks for considering a Sponsorship today!

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